Kate Moss spends her mornings meditating in a field of poppies – Yahoo Lifestyle UK

Kate Moss spends her mornings meditating in a field of poppies – Yahoo Lifestyle UK

Kate Moss is focused on self care credit:Bang Showbiz

Kate Moss is likes to spend her mornings meditating in a field “before the world is awake”.

The 48-year-old star has reflected on the way her wellness brand Cosmoss – which she launched earlier in 2022 – has helped her focus on “self-love” and it’s a far cry from her infamous partying days.

Writing in an Instagram post for the brand alongside a photo of herself in a meadow of poppies, she said: “I started spending a lot of time in my garden in the pandemic and noticing flowers that I didn’t even know I had.

“It’s become my favourite place now; where I feel happiest. I go out into the field and meditate sometimes early in the morning before the world is awake.”

The supermodel has reflected on her journey with the brand, which has seen things “change” in her life as she changed her approach.

She explained: “When I started to take care of myself, things began to change. They say that self-care is part of self-love. That’s what we all need, that’s what I needed, to follow the Cosmoss.

“Happiness is little things. Yesterday I picked a load of flowers from my garden for my stepfather’s birthday — sweet peas and dahlias.

“That makes me happy I think I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

However, Kate is adamant she hasn’t changed as a person – she’s just altered her lifestyle.

She went on: “The important thing about changing your lifestyle is that you don’t change yourself. I used to be a hedonist and that is still a part of my personality, that hasn’t gone… I definitely like to have fun. It’s good to be multi-faceted and we all have to recognise those different parts of our personality.”

Last summer, she confirmed the launch of the brand alongside a video of herself wild swimming totally nude.

She described the company as “self-care created for life’s modern journeys”.

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